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Small is Beautiful.......

Thought for the Day and Beyond ...

Simon Jenkins seems to understand the focus that we have adopted all along ... The Prince's Red Flag not Red Tape ... [ have you noticed that the Prince's 1745 battle flag has been hanging outside The Gothenburg for nearly a year now ... red with a white rectangle centred.]

The siren calls of bigness are an illusion since they end up with so many diseconomies of scale that the economies of scale never appear ... and frustration leads to alienation ...

Fortunately Simon's references are frequently south of the Border but the principles are equally valid here in Scotland; and David Milliband's targets are a worrying harbinger ...

[We have refrained from hanging any rave reviews about Life on Mars here at the website, but there are times when the temptation has been there ...Ed.]

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Published Date: April 16th 2007

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