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Gardiners, Copes, Thorntrees, Lascelles, Lees & Guises ... Unite! King George II urgently needs you ...

God Save Great George Our King!

It wasn't until after the Prince's Victory in Prestonpans in 1745 that the English [and many Lowland Scots] began singing what became today's UK National Anthem. But this September 15/ 16th we are re-enacting that battle itself along with myriad other activities and a fascinating encampment. And before that, we've got a major campaign to tell one and all the story behind the King's supporters ...

This therefore is a Call for those whose names were supporters of King George II, the Elector of Hanover. The Kng's army was commanded by Lt General Sir John Cope [Hey Johnnie Cope!]. Prestonpans' own local Bankton House resident, Colonel James Gardiner, was on the field that day leading the 13th Dragoons, and was mortally wounded beneath a thorntree [piece of the trunk on display at The Gothenburg]. He died before noon at Tranent Manse and was laid to rest in Tranent Churchyard [memorial plaque to be seen there].

Alongside Gardiner were regiments of infantry and dragoons led by Murray Lee, Guise and Lascelles.

If these are your own names, or your mother's, or if you stay on Gardiner Road or Crescent, Thorntree Crescent, if you are a reliable patron of the Thorntree Inn in Port Seton, or stay on Johnnie Cope's Road [his line of flight after the battle!] please come along to a 'free' briefing at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg on Thursday September 6th 5/7pm. The Full Briefing is at 7pm but before then enjoy the regal atmosphere of King George II's supporters. They'd mostly lately arrived by barge from Aberdeen having chased The Prince around the Highlands ..

The Briefing is 5/ 7pm at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg, Thursday September 6th - young as well as their elders welcome.

The 2018 Prestonpans Re-enactments are to be held on September 15th/ 16th this year at Greenhills of which full details are available @ DIRECTLY HERE

Published Date: September 1st 2018

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