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Youngsters Design Popular Images for The Prestoungrange Pole

National Museums of Scotland leads way for Children's Totem Pole Designs

Jane Miller from the National Museums of Scotland, which is working throughout Scotland with Kenny Grieve on totem pole designs, convened a workshop for youngsters at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg on March 27th to create key elements to include on the Prestoungrange Pole.[Some will recall that Jane formally worked with East Lothians Museum Service and it was a delight to work with her again.]

The youngsters were asked to focus on three aspects: Morrison's Haven, Coal Mining and the Battle of Prestonpans. Choosing which designs to incorporate was invidious but wholly necessary and those selected are shown below - from Prestonpans Infants Jack and Jamie, from St Gabriel's Primary were Erin Scott and Declan and from Prestonpans Primary Melissa Marsden.

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Xwa Lack Tun and Tawx'sin YexWullo [alias Splash] make the Transposition to the Log

The two First Nations Indian carvers working with Kenny Grieve on the car parking area at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg were delighted to incorporate the elements the five youngsters had created on the log as they worked from March 30th/ April 7th. The results are shown below which one and all believed did their original designs the greatest justice. The Miner's pick in the tunnel by Erin Scott is a bold central feature and Declan's Miner's hat appears above. Melissa's design uses St George's flag rather than St Patrick's on the 1745 Battle's iconic white thorntree, and Jack and Jamie's depictions of ship and fish for Morrison's Haven appear appropriately near the foot of the log.

The pole is now all set to be painted, with the five youngsters assisting for their own elements, under the direction of Andrew Crummy. It will be raised for the first time on August 18th at the Biennial Conference to be held in the Pans of the Global Association for Mural Arts and Cultural Tourism.

Published Date: March 23rd 2006

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