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Call for Town to Host Global Conference in 2010

2010 Seems a Long Way Off .. but Bid Time is 2006 in Scotland

As Members will have noted, a recent round of consultations by Founding President Dr Karl Schutz has been held to see whether the current strategy of seeking bids to host the Biennial Conference should continue with a four year horizon or over two years. The outcome was to reaffirm four years [Sheffield, Tasmania, Australia is already scheduled after Scotland in 2008], which means that ....

In Scotland in August 2006 consideration will be given to selecting the 2010 Host Town, and please note that bids for 2010 will be formally invited not less than 5 months before that time i.e. by end February 2006. That is just some 8 months away.

Bids to be considered in Scotland must all be submitted by August 1st 2006 and in the Global Association's Business Session prior to the Conference itself all applicants will be called upon to make their formal presentation.

Full details of how to construct a bid are provided at this website - HERE

Published Date: June 27th 2005

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