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Battle Trust Memory Lane [43]: Action before the two Towers come down at Greenhills - July 24th 2020
Battle Trust Memory Lane [41]: Battle Bing Re-presented - July 22nd 2020
Battle Trust Memory Lane [4]: Still Walking 2010 with Andrew Hillhouse too - June 9th 2020
Arbroath Tapestry goes on display designed by Andrew Crummy - April 9th 2020
How well has the battlefield at Prestonpans been protected and interpreted? - December 16th 2019
Prestonpans Battle Commemorations on Saturday September 21st - September 26th 2019
County's school children to ponder the new name for Blindwells - September 10th 2019
Portrait found in South Carolina USA - Gardiner's Chaplain at Prestonpans - August 27th 2019
Should the 1745 Battle's Living History Centre be at Charlestoun? - July 16th 2019
We're suggesting Charlestoun - and here's why! - July 1st 2019
Can we recount the Saga of Althammer, the Viking, who settled in Prestonpans? - June 4th 2019
Another Year Aulder and Wiser? 1745 Battle Trust's 12th Report to the Community - October 5th 2018
Both armies are ready for battle! - September 22nd 2018
If Dougie Matheson was right, we'd certainly be in the wrong; but please read on .... - August 10th 2018
Parade, Encampment & Re-enactments for Battle of Prestonpans Commemoration Programme Announced: September 15th/ 16th 2018 - July 9th 2018
Sad Loss of Andrew Hillhouse - friend and artist for the 1745 Battle Trust - April 23rd 2018
InchCape/ Red Rock Alert! Consultation Occasions need our voices! - January 10th 2017
Victory may be Glorious 'but those who died shall be buried' .. Andrew Hillhouse captures the scene in 1745 - October 5th 2016
Battle of Prestonpans Commemoration: September 24/25th .. here's the Schedule - September 9th 2016
Plenty of action at Greenhills before those two towers came down! - September 28th 2015
Battle Viewpoint gets extended interpretation and Gaelic too - August 3rd 2015
That was the year, That was ... and how! - February 7th 2015
Green Light at Prestongrange Heritage Museum for Tapestry Pavilion - January 10th 2015
Blindwells/ Charlestoun Plans Taking Shape .. - October 23rd 2014
"We've gotta find a permanent home for the Prestonpans Tapestry!" - October 4th 2014
Tapestry Pavilion Planning Application Lodged for Heritage Museum - September 29th 2014
..but THIS fight not with England lies, but with Scottish **** *** Enterprise .. - September 6th 2014
Don't Build on Battlefield Graves - September 1st 2014
Andrew Hillhouse Captures Winter at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg - June 21st 2014
2020 Vision for The Prestoungrange Gothenburg - June 6th 2014
Riggonhead or Charlestoun ... it's vital the heritage is protected. - February 28th 2014
Blindwells? Riggonhead? or perhaps Charlestoun! - February 3rd 2014
Battle Trust adds 'Final 4' Interpretation Boards across The Pans - August 9th 2013
Prestonpans Tapestry 'Captivates' Ruthven Barracks for July - July 5th 2013
Inverness Tapestry Exhibition Opens, with three more dimensions yet! - June 19th 2013
Tapestry's Next Stop: INVERNESS & KINGUSSIE June & July - June 7th 2013
New Edition of Martin Margulies classic book on Battle of Prestonpans - May 25th 2013
New book launched on ALL the Battles of East Lothian since pre Roman times - April 9th 2013
Pinkie and Dunbar Battlefield Heritage Profiles on the rise ... - December 9th 2012
Alasdair MacMhaigstir Alasdair gives Gaelic tuition to the The Prince and Prestonpans - October 31st 2012
5AM September 20th .. Medal Morning for the Riggonhead Defile ... 6th Anniversary Walk - August 15th 2012
3rd National Battlefield Symposium in Prestonpans: June 14th - ALL WELCOME - May 15th 2012
VITAL: READ MOST CAREFULLY - February 3rd 2012
The Andrew Hillhouse Collection of 1745 Battle Paintings - February 2nd 2012
Prestonpans Tapestry will be at Cockenzie House : for half term! - January 30th 2012
Battle Trustees' Report for 2011: great progress, much frustration ... - December 7th 2011
2. Stunning Battle Art Exhibition Opens at The Gothenburg .. it's there all week - September 22nd 2011
Re-enactment Week for The Prince's Victory in Prestonpans is Upon Us! HERE'S THE SCHEDULE - September 19th 2011
Battle Art Exhibition from Andrew Hillhouse & Kate Hunter - September 9th 2011
September 2011 Prestonpans Battle Re-enactment Programme: HERE IT IS! - September 8th 2011
The Jenkinson Sisters Comfort Colonel Gardiner - January 26th 2011
1745 Battle Trust's 4th Annual Report: for 2010 - December 8th 2010
It's all a matter of interpretation .... - October 17th 2010
VII: Full Marks to Kris Cunnngham as The Papers Tell All - October 3rd 2010
IV: Scotch Egg, an Apple and That Riggonhead Defile to Walk - September 30th 2010