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The Quest for Helen Duncan's Pardon Accelerates

Insights on Earlier & Parallel Initiatives

As the Campaign initiated by Mary Martin to secure a Pardon for her grandmother has gained momentum from Scotland, attracting astonishing levels of global media interest, details of earlier and parallel activities have come to our attention. We are of course delighted to link across to all others working to the same ends and urge all who are supporting Mary Martin's Campaign to take advantage too.

By far the most significant of these is undoubtedly the work of Michael Colmer and the website that he and fellow researchers have established

The website is especially important in the detailing from Graham Hewitt of the preparations for the original Appeal for a Pardon and its rebuff by the Criminal Cases Review Commission [CCRC]. The CCRC was established by Michael Howard QC MP when he was Home Secretary, and it was Howard's opinion and also that of the Earl of Ancram/ Marquis of Lothian when they were both consulted, that Helen Duncan's case was precisely the sort of matter that had been envisaged for the CCRC. [The Prestoungrange Arts Festival is particularly interested to note the views of Lord Ancram were taken since his family the Kerrs held the Barony of Prestoungrange at the turn of the 17th century.]

London QC Has Now Volunteered to Assist the Quest for Helen Duncan's Pardon

To assist in the resubmission of Helen Duncan's quest for a Pardon Michael Colmer and Graham Hewitt are delighted that the services of Mr Timothy Barnes QC have been volunteered.

Mary Martin has now also expressed her willingness to work with Michael Colmer and his colleagues in taking the Quest for a Pardon forward.

Thousands more are signing up at the Helen Duncan Pardon Websites alongside the earlier 40 Million reported Hits

Michael Colmer reports from his website at that over 43 million hits have been received since its establishment some 10 years ago.

At today's date more than 15,000 have voted at the MSN/ NBC website shown below that reported Helen Duncan's story from Reuters with 86% believing the case was totally ridiculous.

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Published Date: January 17th 2007

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