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The Galoshins Are Coming! Watch out ...... from 3 pm @ the Prestoungrange Gothenburg ....

Prestonpans is set for a very special Hallowe'en this week ..... as locals, actors, dancers, musicians and storytellers come together for a traditional celeberation. Until the early 20th century the town held a traditional Galoshin play and this is now being revived

The Galoshin [sometimes Galoshan or Galatian] play was formerly performed by young guisers during festive periods, particularly at Hogmanay.

As well as the Galoshin play, which is performed partly in Scots, there will also be a version of the story Duncan the Boatbuilder, along with poems and songs in both English and Scots.

There will also be plenty for children to do including a Hallowe'en grotto, guising, and games.

The night will end with a traditional Ceilidh with the emphasis on celebrating – and passing on - Scotland’s traditional culture.

Events begin at 3pm, 31 October, at the Prestoungrange Gothenburg tavern, 227/ 229 High Street, Prestonpans. Adult tickets are £5 and children £2 which includes food.

If you would like more information please contact organiser Tim Porteus at either .... or phone 01875 818 355

P.S. They came ... as reported in the East Lothian Courier.

Published Date: October 27th 2011

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