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Water Water Everywhere... and a Mural Ahoy to Drink In

The Firth of Forth is charming in fine weather but its close proximity to Prestoungrange creates very real problems. Whenever you dig a hole it soon fills up with water. This became very taxing for those in the business of digging for coal where the mines were sunk eight hundred feet down. They were perpetually flooded.

Closure meant no coal. No coal meant orders went unfulfilled jeopardising the future of the company; men out of work meant no money went home. So, it was in everyone's interest to ensure coal operations continued unimpeded and the late 19th century a solution was provided by James Watt's breakthrough in steam technology, the steam condenser. It was first put to use at Prestongrange Colliery well over one hundred years ago.

Jim Corsiter is the Aberdeen born artist of our latest 21st Century Mural, The Beam Engine. He has, since 1981, worked as a freelance scenic artist and designer. His painting projects have included pantomimes for the King's Theatres in Edinburgh and Glasgow, background work for major exhibitions in the City Arts Centre such as The Emperor's Warriors and Gold of the Pharohs, and murals in Gleneagles Hotel. Jim has also designed sets for the Scottish Opera. He continues to create his own work and mounted a one man show in the Lyceum Theatre earlier this year.

Click on the pictures for an enlargement
Beam Engine Mural 1Beam Engine Mural 2
Beam Engine Mural 3Beam Engine Mural 4

Published Date: June 21st 2002

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