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While Mr David Costello. a well-known local demolition contractor, was demolishing the butcher shop once owned by Mr William Baxter at the foot of Ayres Wynd and next to the War Memorial, he came across a bottle which had been placed within the wall structure when the building had been built. Inside this bottle was a letter and three George III coins. The letter dated 15th February'. 1821. reads thus:
"Into whose hands this may come it will be understood that Mr Charles Burnett. farmer in Seton. is proprietor of this house and Mr John Guthrie. grocer and spirit dealer is tenant at present. At the time this was deposited a new floor was laid by David Marr in time for a Charity Ball that was being held here on the 27th of this month. Mr Watson and Robert Aitcheson are to be the managers of said Ball. The room's 33 1/2 ft. long and 18 1/2 ft. broad and is often occupied for a Ballroom and for different societies' Annual Meetings. In June last the Carters Society Annual Meeting was held and 120 members dined here and in July the first procession of the Prestonpans Gardeners Lodge was held here when 150 dined, for which John Guthrie, tenant, was at a great expense in making repairs to the room.
There is at present in town two breweries, two potteries, three salt works, one soap works, one brick works, a great number of shops and ale houses. The writer being a curious type of lad at the time of depositing this wished whoever found it good luck. At the bottom of the bottle three different coins of His Majesty George III is deposited. John Guthrie. David Marr. James Marr, John Bissett - witnesses of the depositing of this bottle."

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