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by Councillor Tom Wilson,
Chairman, East Lothian District Council
The Prestonpans Local History Week was a unique event, intended to tell
the unique story of a town with a proud past.
Hundreds of enthusiastic Tans folk turned out during that one week in April 1986 to view the exhibition on 800 years of Prestonpans history, to hear the fascinating historical talks, and to take part in the guided tours, concert night and other local events.
The huge success of the week took all of those involved in its organisation by surprise. It was an event which captured the imagination and interest of all the townsfolk, from the youngest schoolchildren who portrayed their ideas of the Prestonpans of old in their drawings and paintings, to the oldest citizens who shared with us their memories of bygone days.
When we called upon some of these people to put pen to paper and record their memories of the Prestonpans that was, we never imagined for a moment that each entry received would be of such outstanding quality. In recognising this high standard, the Library Service of East Lothian District Council agreed to compile this booklet to give you the opportunity to read for yourself these memories of Prestonpans.
I sincerely hope that you will enjoy, as much as I have, reading this collection of stories from a town full of pride for its past and promise for its future.