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The Three Prestoungrange Paintings

Janice McNab created the paintings from her own onsite photography. All three images were scanned onto a computer screen and re-photographed to include the computer surround. The repeated internal framing device used here seeks to unify and connect the three different kinds of space set up in the three paintings. Janice McNab writes: " We read painted images of reality as a certain kind of window onto the world. We understand in terms of their historic context. We read computer images of reality differently. To compound them sets up other questions about History and 'the Real' in general. These questions in the structure of the paintings are emphasised by the images - land under water - a 16th Century flying deaths head - a vacated moment of social history.

Clearly Janice McNab has done great justice to her commission. The three Paintings hold together in colour and texture and through the computer screen device. The reduced daylight and fluro light on ceramic in the Showers link visually with reflected light on the water on the foreshore. The Ceiling reminds us of the passage of time.

Janice McNab was born in Aberfeldy and studied Fine Arts at Edinburgh College (BA Hons) and Glasgow School of Art (MFA) as well as at Hunter School for the Arts in New York.

She currently works as Visiting Artist at the Glasgow School and has held Residencies in the Nederlands twice, in New Mexico, France and Austria.

She has gained awards from the Scottish Arts Council, the Oppenheim- Downes Trust, the Prince's Trust and the Greenshields Foundation in Montreal.

She has exhibited in Edinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Perth, St Petersberg, London, St Andrews, Darmstadt, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Llandudno, Oxford, New York and Melbourne.

The Ceiling | The Foreshore | Miners' Showers

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