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'Unique' Toronto Exhibition in Suspense ..but very much open!

.... "Scots, with their neighbours, learned together, sharing ideas, perceptions and dreams" ...

This exhibition in Toronto, at St Andrew's Scarborough, is unique in the way it has been presented. Only once before, at Stirling University in 2014, has the Wall of Colour been so magnificently displayed. And be assured, the stories that go with each panel are not separated; the QR tags enable the APP to tell each tale in English, French and Gaelic. And it can be well imagined just what a labour of love it has been to create the Menai Straits wooden frame to hold that Wall of Colour so magnificently. [Jenny Bruce, Tour Director, stands in front of the artwork as it gets ready to formally open the doors - next to No.10 Downing Street panel stitched by Gillian Lindsay of Scottish Prime Ministers of the UK. Is she pondering the exhibition to come in Westminster Hall, London, next March/ April?]

Meet & Greet with Friends and St Andrew's Committee Members ... like a Preview!

The panels created in Toronto and additional artworks, and their stitchers, have their own unique on-stage location - seen below left; click to enlarge photograph..

Published Date: September 18th 2016

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