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1745 Battle Campaign: Open House Report

Briefing Session at the Pennypit

The first Briefing Session for all 'Supporters' registered at this website was accomplished on a blustery night at the new Pennypit Bistro on Rope Walk off Redburn Road - its 150 yards off the High Street and from The Prestoungrange Gothenburg.

Key reports began with details of the forthcoming Derby Moment on December 2nd/ 3rd when the Trustees will be joining the Jacobite celebrations in Derby and meeting in The Panelled Room of Exeter House.

Robert MacKenzie of the Bankton House Residents' Association was also able to discuss particular ways in which the Association can assist with the restoration and maintenance of the 19th century obelisk to the Colonel at the edge of their lands.

David Lumsden of Cushnie, President of the Royal Stuart Society and the 1745 Association, who stays in the National Trust's restored Hamilton House in The Pans, gave message of comprehensive support from both quarters as well as his personal commitment.

Dr Tony Pollard, University of Glasgow Battlefield Archaelogist had also visited The Pans the previous week in discussion with Prince Partners and the Trustees to seek to advance the development of the Conservation Management Plans for the Battlefield.

Sir John Hay of Park is working to identify the 16 Hanoverians who supported Gardiner in his heroic last stand in the Battle, in the knowledege that one of them was his ancestor, Sir Thomas - 3rd Baronet.

John Home-Robertson, MSP, has lately asked Culture and Tourism Minister Patricia Ferguson in a Parliamentary Question whether the Executive supported the Aims and she indicated that they did. He is now exploring the possibility of tabling a Private Member's motion for debate in the Parliament in 2007. Meanwhile contact has been established with the senior civil servants at the Ministry and advice taken on suitable 'next' steps.

Regular Briefings to be Scheduled

It was agreed that it would be helpful if regular Briefings could be convened in 2007, with the first at end February, to enable local Supporters to contribute fresh ideas and suggestions and to discuss developments as reported on the website.

Spreading the Message and Eliciting Support

In the coming months copies of the Campaign Brochure will be distributed around the Pans and Vicinity, and amongst Jacobite supporters in Derby. East Lothian Life, courtesy of Pauline Jaffray, Editor and a Battle Trustee, will also carry full details across the county in its Winter issue.

This website is also set to become 'proactive' in its elicitation of support in the New Year when registered Supporters will be invited deliberately to approach their e-friends and networks to encourage them to visit here and register if they concur with our Aims.

Published Date: November 24th 2006

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