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Royal Musselburg Golf Club publishes its 225 years history

The Royal Musselburgh Golf Club (RMGC), founded in 1774, is one of the oldest Clubs in the world. The Old Club Cup is indeed the oldest trophy that has been continuously played for anywhere on the globe.

The RMGC's Club House is Prestongrange House, the history of which has been so well recounted by Sonia Baker, in booklet No 1 of the Project 2000 Series of that name.

The 225 years of history has been captured in an excellent new book, Royal Musselburgh Golf Club: 1774-1999 edited by Robert Ironside and Harry Douglas. Copies are available at 10 + postage and packaging from the Professional Shop at the RMGC, Phone 01875 810276

Of particular interest to the Baron Courts is the story of the Club's lease of Prestongrange House from 1925, and its subsequent purchase in 1958 Club from the Grant Suttie family by the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation.

The book cannot be too greatly commended. Its was written, elegantly designed, printed and bound by the kindness of Club members. All interested readers should order it at once, the proceeds going to charity. There are several quite outstanding illustrations included as follows:

Published Date: June 1st 2000

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