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A Coach Tour Hits Town!

Well? So why the excitement?

Why indeed? Surely there are lots of bus tours coming to town on a regular basis? Well actually, not that we can find.

But the small group of architects shown below are the swallows that are going to make our summer. Negotiations are actively proceeding with Visit Scotland and Edinburgh Tour Organisers to include the Pans on their itineraries from next year.

Triple Draw Card .... and More

The Arts Festival is designing and focusing on three good reasons to come to the Pans as a tourist, and to take refreshments at The Gothenburg.

1. The Murals Trail - its reputation already in good order and growing all the while;

2. The Witches Remembrance Experience including the murals sequence at the south of the Gothenburg and the artefacts and Pardon within, plus the Witches Menu and Absolut Pardon Porter in the Bistro, or as a James Fewell Bar snack;

3. The Battle of Prestonpans location is being developed further with an Interpretation Centre. Peter Mackenzie's pioneering activities are being extended.

... and there are more reasons besides of course. The Gothenburg itself is a restored treasure as the architects agreed; and there is the opportunity to follow the old Lothian Coal Trail; and to visit the Prestongrange Heritage Museum April/ October.....

But these photographs below, where Andrew Crummy is showing our own very first touring coach party around the Witches Remembrance Experience, is one of our historic moments. Please relish it!

Published Date: October 25th 2005

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