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Hugh Reid - First Fowler's Companion Honoured

Companion The First, and Two Fine New Fowlers' Fellows

February 9th 2006 was the day that CAMRA UK Vice President [and Fowler's Fellow: September 2005] Colin Valentine ff came to the Prestoungrange Gothenburg to re-present the Best UK Conservation Pub 2005 Award - the first version had alas mispelt Gothenburg. His apologies accepted, of course, he joined in the most significant of the Fowler's Ceremonies as three new Members were admitted.

Pride of place here has to go to Hugh Reid fc, the first man to gain the award of Fowler's Companion, having successfully completed three BrewSets under Craig Allan's tutelage. His wife Ute Davies ff was also in attendance. The Baron of Prestoungrange made the presentation.

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The other two Members were admitted as Fowlers' Fellows with the most particular distinction of having created the Celebration Brew for consumption on February 9th by the distinguished clientelle mustered in the James Fewell Bar. They were Alan Murray ff and Alex Weatherhead ff

Published Date: February 9th 2006

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