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Athens, Warsaw and a Global Public Art Miscellany

A Traveller's Miscellany of Public Art

The determination to attend both the Pacific Murals Gathering in Bowen, Queensland, Australia and the 3rd Californian Murals' Symposium .. and then a concluding visit to Salem MA, required the circumnavigation of the globe! And that inevitably occasioned access to more than a little public art in transit.

Travel first to Warsaw and Athens yielded outstanding art - for the first it was the muralisation of the facias of city homes and the second was inevitably post-Olympic Games 2004 restoration architecture from ancient Greece.

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Broome, NW Australia has natural public art as well as its famous pearls!

Sculpture and topographical art, Staircases to the Moon and the Sun, the legendary camel train .. and even a mural ... all were to be found in Broome and about.

Published Date: September 7th 2005

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