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Conservator of Scottish Privileges in the Low Countries, Veere, The Netherlands: LIKES!

Wondering where the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry / Greis Bhrat Diaspora na h'Alba will be in 2015?

Well around the diaspora, of course. And we are delighted that the first confirmed exhibition will be in The Netherlands at the Schotse Huizen, Veere. It opens on May 30th 2015 and runs till July 26th 2015.

Veere's an altogether delightful community with the strongest of links to Scotland since 1444 when King James I's daughter Marry married Wolfert VI, Lord of Veere. It's tales are told in seven embroidered panels [NL01/ NL07]. By 1550 Scots were some 12% of the town's inhabitants and were granted 'special privileges' - and a Conservator was appointed to ensure they were, well, conserved. He's still in post today in the person of Neil Wallace, and although unable to come to the World Premiere on May 31st in Prestonpans he sent this message:

"I was very sorry not to be with you on such an important day, when the fruits of so much work by so many communities in so many scattered, out-of-the-way places comes together again.

"There was a time when being scattered and separated - family from family - was central to Scottish identity. In many ways we still live here with the aftermath of this Scottish diaspora. Veere was, and is, part of this story, and it was a great privilege for me to be a very small part of celebrating the completion of the Veere chapter in the great Prestonpans Diaspora Tapestry.

"In our way we have marked our place - like so many others just a tiny spot on the world's map - to which Scots came and went with their ambitions, their hopes, and their capacity to join but also transform and change local host communities.

"It has been a long journey, involving many travellers, strangers to each other, towards this one moment of reunion on 31st May 2014. Strangers that is, until now. On behalf of the Veere-Scotland organisation, I wish you a happy and harmonious time this weekend in this celebration of your work together!"

Neil Wallace

Published Date: June 9th 2014

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