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The 'Great' One is coming to Cockenzie

Brilliant opportunity to see the Great Tapestry of Scotland here in Cockenzie House ...

If you were daunted or frustrated by the queues at the Scottish Parliament, that saw 30,000 visiting the latest beautiful community artwork designed by Andrew Crummy, all 150+ metres square of it, you can now relax. It's come home to Cockenzie House, just a stone's throw from where Andrew did his designs.

Saturday October 19th/ December 8th

Ed. It's the third tapestry, which Andrew is currently designing, The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry, that is actually shown in the press picture above, with Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hyslop - but who's complaining. It's all in the family. The full 150+ panel Scottish Diaspora Tapestry goes on display at the Prestonpans Community Centre on May 31st next year and throughout the 3 Harbours Festival and as a key element of Scotland's Homecoming 2014.

Published Date: October 13th 2013

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