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3 Harbours Rules the Waves! OK!

So much art, so many unusual places ... how can we appreciate it all?

Well we can't, not all of it. But the fact that our three coastal communities have created and sustained such a Festival is something to take great pride in. Each year the focus shifts from perhaps our children's boats to violin playing by Tamsin Little under the power station chimney, or lighting them up at night, or enjoying a magnificent sea food festival, or a week of unstoppable music at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg or a murals fest in Cuthill Park. This year whilst we lost the familiar and ever popular Exhibition at the Power Station Hall we gained the great splendour of Cockenzie House and the Prestonpans Parade. And these are just some of the foci. Most of the Festival involved dozens and dozens of other arts activities and exhibitions, and the ever present Prestoungrange Gothenburg housed art, music, Fowler's 80/- Ales and sea food feasting ...

No time to be complacent. Next year, 2014, is a time for artists to dream of futures to come that may be, or may be not? But not before we thank the hundreds who made 2013 possible at all, and the thousands who came to see and enjoy - not least let us thank the organising team Eddie Anderson, Andrew Crummy, Yvonne Murphy and Gillian Hart. Exhausted they may be but they can relax after a challenge well accomplished.

Belfield Studios basked in sunshine and visitors aplenty ..

One of the considerable successes the Arts Festival in Prestonpans has had all year round has been the creation of three studios on the site of the old Belfield Pottery. Tom Ewing's haven of calm [pictured], Prestoungrange Arts Classes and Avesha's Spiral Tide Pottery all flourish there.

East Lothian Courier summed up the 3 Harbours' success even before it's final weekend!

... and that was before Port Seton & Cockenzie's Gala set sail ...

.... whatever next? Well Prestonpans Gala can't be far behind!

Published Date: June 10th 2013

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