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Edinburgh City Guard re-established for re-enactments

In quest of authenticity ...

One of the drawbacks of the re-enactor Regiment raised in Prestonpans, the Alan Breck Prestonpans Volunteers, is that they were inspired by RL Stevenson's factitious literature in Kidnapped and Catriona, rather than mythical facts. As such there was no establish uniform to wear.

So far as Highlanders are concerned, that presents no problem - anything tartan goes! But if the Alan Brecks need, and they do, redcoat soldiers and officers, how shall they be dressed?

Just lately a cunning idea has emerged, and a new re-enactor group within the Alan Brecks has been established - the Edinburgh City Guard. It was during its lifetime 1679/ 1817 on occasion a murderous outfit as in the Porteous Riots of 1736, and it offered no resistance on the only occasion the capital was threatened [in 1745] by well armed opposition! They have a battle 'honour' at Leith under the command of the Duke of Argyll in 1715 but their most significant virtue is surely that they do indeed have a recorded redcoat attire, pictured below.

The full story both of the Guard itself and today's re-enactor group, can be found at their new website LINKED HERE

Published Date: December 20th 2012

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