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Battle Talks ..... & Fine Music - St Mary's Cathedral during July/ August

Philomusica Concert of the Prince's Music and More on July 20th @ 7 pm

This Concert takes place at St Mary's Cathedral as the Tapestry continues its second three month exhibition there.

It's a unique evening not to be missed with fine music from fine musicians ... and more! The music is placed into context as the tale of the Prince's campaign is narrated.

Entrance £5 - with tickets available at the door.

There's also a Talks Programme throughout the Exhibition

This year’s summer exhibition at St Mary’s Cathedral features a number of fascinating presentations designed to support enjoyment of the Tapestry and the story that it tells. Last week, despite the weather’s best efforts to flood the church, we explored some of the factors which led to the British defeat at Prestonpans in The Road to Defeat: Cope’s Last Campaign.

Arran Johnston’s illustrated talk followed General Cope’s decisions from the first news of Prince Charlie’s arrival to his eventual escape from the field of battle on September 21st. There was some surprise at the apparent failures of Colonel Gardiner, more commonly seen as a hero of the battle!

But for those who missed the first talk there is plenty more on offer:

Tuesday 17th July @ 7 pm
The Battle of Prestonpans in Detail - historian Arran Johnston presents a detailed examination of the movements of the two forces in the days before and after the Battle of Prestonpans 1745. Illustrated with plans, source images, and shots from our re-enactments, the talk will also feature replica weapons of the period and considerations on their comparative effectiveness. 7pm, £4 on the door (includes wine).

Tuesday 24th July @ 7pm
An Audience with Bonnie Prince Charlie - an opportunity to hear the Jacobite leader’s personal reflections on the ’45. Did Charles really think he could win? Who was to blame for the Rising’s failure? The Prince reveals his innermost feelings in this dramatic full-costume presentation based on years of study into his personality. 6.30pm, £4 on the door (includes wine).

Wednesday 1st August @ 2pm
Designing the Prestonpans Tapestry - artist Andrew Crummy explores the way in which he translated the story of the Prestonpans campaign into community artwork, from the first ideas to the completed masterpiece. 2pm, £2 on the door.

Published Date: July 11th 2012

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