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Bayeux Presentation & Merchandise: Lessons to Learn

11th/ 12th Century Cathedral dominates the town

Bishop Odo who was an inspiration behind the Bayeux Tapestry was also a prime mover in seeing a Norman Cathedral built in the town. The tower and spires which so dominate the town today were not his creation however. Fire destroyed his original tower, but inside the nave and the crypt are very much as he helped create them. And of course it was in that very nave the Tapestry was displayed each year.

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A visit deliberately to evaluate the stocks held in the gift shop and any significant developments in interpretation

Most noticeable perhaps, tucked away on the bookstore shelves @ 15 each, was Arthur Shelton/ OREP Multimedia's animated multilanguage Tapestry DVD. The most powerful sequences were undoubtedly the actual battle itself where the embroidery offers so much scope for the animator's art.

But upstairs there is also a most stunning exhibition area where the youngsters visiting the Tapestry had far more scope to make notes and explore the events and characters described. Clearly the Tapestry's UNESCO Listing in its Register of Memory of the World is having a lasting impact. And there was no need to go upstairs to see the recreation of the Norman boat placed in the courtyard, admittedly standing next to the company car! And on all the trees nearby one found prolific growth of mistletoe.

An embroiderer stiched at the entrance door

It was especially worthy of note that an embroiderer was seated at the entrance to the gift shop, actualising the panel stitching kits offered for sale.

Published Date: March 4th 2011

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