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Interpretation Panels 'Officially' Unveiled ... and More to Come ..

Much planning and a very long wait ...but now we have the first three ...

Ever since Peter [now Councillor] MacKenzie began walking the battle site in 2000, it's been the hope that formal Interpretation Panels could be erected. Eventually, after the Battle Trust was formed in 2006, Heritage Lottery granted some of the resources needed. Yet it's been another four years before the first three Interpretation Panels have been 'officially' unveiled. The wait was for Dr Tony Pollard of Glasgow University to undertake the archaeology to give an excellent fix on precisely where the battle began - close by Seton Farm as it transpired. Those conclusions are now faithfully recorded now on the panels.

Click to enlarge press cuttings

Hopefully there are more to come with Ronnie Elliot who's sculptural work already graces two roundabouts in Musselburgh on course to add a third with Highlander and Redcoat engaged in battle - as depicted in outline below.

Published Date: February 1st 2011

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