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Scottish Power lights up 'our' Tapestry

Scottish Power Lights Up the Tapestry ... in the weekend snow!

The Canteen at Cockenzie Power Station has been a regular venue for 3Harbours Festivals across the past 5 years so it was a natural for the Tapestry display on November 27th/ 28th. At Scottish Power's request, Bonnie Prince Charlie's Embroidered Tale was once again on display in The Pans. It took a sterling effort by everyone involved, artist, stitchers and tour co-ordinators [to all of whom sincere thanks] to get the Canteen sparklin' ready for Saturday's Opening at 10 am - it's not used by Scottish Power these days for its original purpose so needed some TLC.

But .... every cloud has a silver lining. Fixing the missing light bulbs in the high ceiling meant a cherry picker was brought into action and the first aerial shots of the Tapestry were captured as seen below. Grant Paulin was the man on high with the camera. Thanks Grant. We'll need you help again for restoring the Prestoungrange Totem Pole next Spring!

More than a brave few set weather worries aside to take a look. First in was Irene Whalen from Musselburgh pictured clearly enjoying the artwork. Some of the younger potential visitors prefered their tabogans on the Green Hills where the Tapestry's Private Viewing took place on July 26th!

The Panel Beaters' new merchanise range of cards, book marks and bags [launched at The Dovecot earlier in the month] were a major attraction too. And the Official Guidebook continues to sell briskly. Andrew Crummy was also able to introduce Eric Robinson's DVD Final Cut to an audience for the first time - it has already been viewed in North America at Murals Conferences. Eric is putting finishing touches to the Master DVD Stitches for Charlie which is still on course to be available before Christmas, price 12 + PP - it runs for 25+ minutes. Quadrille are making the copies and the sleeves. More news as we have it!


N.B. The Tapestry is returning to Edinburgh's Dovecot Tapestry Studios on Infirmary Street for an extra two weeks - Tuesday November 30th / December 11th, by popular request. Remember the Dovecot is closed on Mondays!

Published Date: November 28th 2010

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