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Witch Remembrance Time Again - The Devil's Craft: October 29th/31st

The Witch Remembrance Play Cycle by Roy Pugh - this year The Devil's Craft

Each year since the Barons' Courts pardonned all 81 so called Witches put to death in The Pans the Prestoungrange Players have presented a play by Roy Pugh. There are three in the cycle and many will now be familiar with their treatment of the theme.

This year as the poster below tells, The Devil's Craft gets its second production, directed by Andrew Dallmeyer.

The customary laying of herbs at the foot of the Witch Murals in the Goth's gardens will take place on Sunday October 31st.

click to enlarge and print out the poster

Scenes from the play on Sunday, including the Remebrance once again attended by Mary Martin, are shown below

Published Date: October 21st 2010

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