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Miners' Gala Day Workshop Presentation Starts with an Encore

Encore it was and Shall be...

The Workshop presentation of Andrew Dallmeyer's new play [it's a musical in fact] won an delightful cry of 'Encore' from the audience in Prestonpans Town Hall. Entitled Miners' Gala Day it tells of lovers from Tranent and The Pans and a pit disaster against the background of long ago Gala Day celebrations in Cuthill Park.

Charlotte Hamilton, who remembers some of those earlier days, wrote:

"The play was reminisscent of Gala Days gone by when, instead of a noisy fair ground, blow up hammers and glo-sticks you were 'truly entertained'. Boxing matches, highland dancing and dramatic mine resues with the whole community attending.

"The spirited performance of the songs was a delight - amusing, and capturing the rivlary between neighbouring towns and some of the harsh realities of life in a mining community.

"My friends and I truly enjoyed this nostagic trip to the Prestonpans Gala."

It's in aid of the Prestonpans Miners Statue planned by the Community Council

A collection was taken towards the planned Miners' Statue to be erected in Prestonpans. Which is of course just the beginning. In 2011 Andrew Dallmeyer's musical play will go on tour around Miners' Clubs and to The Fringe to raise greater awareness not only of the life of coal mining families of old hereabouts but also to raise awareness of the campaign in The Pans for the Miners' Statue.

For many a younger person in The Pans, growing up after the mid 60s of the last century, it will also be an education. Sure we've all heard our parents and their friends talk about the old days - but here there's a window on it all, and enjoyment too. Not just nostalgia but a greater realisation across the community of where today's Pans came from as we make our way forward!

And YES, a statue here in town.

Published Date: October 19th 2010

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