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Gullane's Embroiderers Claim 'Record Breakers' Title .... but for how long?

The Tapestry's first 'single day' exhibition takes Day Visits Record to 723: September 16th

Gullane's stitchers had got together straight after July 26th in a determined effort to make sure the day The Prestonpans Tapestry came to their excellent Village Hall would be one to remember. And so it was. 723 visitors came to the Hall in the single day and the Guidebooks sold out.

More than a few of those attending came across from The Pans - just could not wait until next week to see it once again, next time it's at the Community Centre on September 24th/ 25th/ 26th 11am / 5pm. All the talk in Gullane was as ever of the amazing artwork that had been created and what its future might be.

The Gullane Team included local stitchers Hilary Williams, Sheila Baird, Isla Butler, Audrey Brown, Edith Smith, Margaret Holm, Jean Dawson and Esther Sharpley and they had no intention of allowing 'their turn' to pass without letting every one thereabouts know what was on offer.

Most sincere congratulations to them all for a truly brilliant day. The Prince himself was there along with artist Andrew Crummy. Andrew Allgood, the Alan Brecks and the Baron were in support. And there was a Coffee/ Tea shop offering all that was needed to sustain a viewing that seemed to last well over an hour each.

click to enlarge the photographs

Published Date: September 16th 2010

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