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Did the earth move .... or was it just the artefacts?

What a lot of excitement

.... STV, BBC & Forth Radio, The Herald, The Scotsman, Edinburgh Evening News, East Lothian Courier, East Lothian News, St Louis Globe-Democrat the list went on, each wanting to carry the startling news. The Battle of Prestonpans almost certainly took place some 500 metres farther east than had been traditionally thought. Tony Pollard from GUARD at Glasgow University had the evidence to present his case. As such the battle took place on the lands of East Seton farmer Alastair Robertson rather than of Scottish Power.

But before getting carried away by these revisionist thoughts, nothing has emerged which contradicts the notion that the redcoats fled, chased by the Highlanders, across the waggonway to the walls of Preston House. So the lands of Scottish Power might not be the spot where the initial exchanges took place but they remain very much the scene of conflict [including the Thorntree beneath which Colonel Gardiner was mortally wounded] and a cemetry for the great majority of those who died.

The press cuttings are set out below. click on each cutting to enlarge to read it better

... and talking of sub-editors [again], this one mis-spells archaeologist and makes the battle 100 years older than the rest of us, but we do get to see two of the artefacts which moved the earth after all .... God Bless 'em all.

Published Date: April 27th 2010

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