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Corstorphine 'Invaded' by The Prince in 1745 - and the infamous Canter of Coltbridge

The Tapestry will be recording the Canter of Coltbridge ..

One of the more bizarre aspects of the Hanoverian army's attempts to frustrate Prince Charles Edward's advance on Edinburgh became known as the 'Canter of Coltbridge'. It consisted of a mixed squadron of dragoons under the command of Colonels Hamilton and Gardiner 'cantering' out towards the Highlanders camped at Corstorphine. One glance was seemingly sufficient to convince the dragoons the 'enemy was upon us' and to withdraw swiftly to Leith links. From there the entire complement moved to the east of Edinburgh and prepare to join up with Cope whose landing from Aberdeen in Dunbar was now imminent. The whole epispode was readily watched from the walls of the castle. Once they had gone nothing stood between the Prince and the capital.

Meanwhile, the Prince was issuing an ultimatum to the city from his encampment at Corstorphine dated September 16th 1745. That tale is recounted in the local magazine Let's Talk about Corstorphine copied below and the text of the ultimatum provided.

click to enlarge the text

Published Date: October 2nd 2009

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