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Clans who were out with The Prince in the '45 - Exhibition for The Gathering

July Exhibition at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg

The Battle Trust is pleased to report that its annual re-enactments in September have been included in the main Homecoming Programme.

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But we are also delighted to be able to offer something more. From July 18th to 31st, being a week each side of the largest ever Gathering of The Clans in King's Park Edinburgh on July 25th and 26th, the Trust is providing an Exhibition at The Goth. It explores the role of each of the Clans who came out with The Prince in the '45. East Lothian Council has provided a Grant of 4,500 towards the necessary research which is being undertaken by Arran Johnston. Details of the government's redcoat troops who were ignominiously defeated in 9 minutes will also be included.

Colonel Gardiner, who bravely stood and fought when so many others fled, is remembered in a new play by Andrew Dallmeyer that will be premiered - Colonel Gardiner - Vice and Virtue.

During the fortnight, members of Clan Cameron from New Zealand and Australia will revisit Tranent Churchyard and help re-enact the skirmish there on September 20th 1745. The Glenbuckets will be providing the necessary canon fire.

Colonel-in-Chief Martin Margulies of the Alan Breck Prestonpans Volunteer Regiment will convene a Regimental Dinner, and Gordon Veitch is also arranging a knockout tournament for the Trust's BattleGame Prestonpans which Gordon has created.

Finally, Guided Walks of the Battlefield will be available each day and it is anticipated that many of the clan visitors from around the globe will visit The Pans at this time.

Quite a programme then. All enquiries to Kristine Cunningham or Gillian Hart on phone [44] [0]1875 819922 or by email to

Published Date: February 2nd 2009

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