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VI. Battle is Joined at Cuthill Park

Cuthill Park Welcomes 300 + Crowd to Major Clash between Highlanders and Redcoats

It's marvellous to see Cuthill Park back in use again with our community after an overlong hiatus - the Friends of Cuthill Park are to be congratulated and can indeed rejoice. This was the penultimate event of Saturday's celebrations. The Riggonhead Defile had once more been 'Walked at Sunrise' and Colonel Gardiner had died once again at Bankton House.

More than 60 re-enactors from the four regiments 'educated' 300 + onlookers about their uniforms and weaponry on the field, and entertained magnificently for an hour or more with cannon fire and musket fire and several Highland charges.

As history has it the redcoats were once again roundly defeated. The Campaign BattleBus was in attendance and Newsletters were distributed to all explaining the purpose of the Trust and its ongoing plans to work with and involve the community as we seek to protect our nation's heritage.

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... after their defeat in Cuthill Park, the redcoats headed for the beach at Morrison's Haven hoping to flee across the Forth. Pursued by the Highlanders only one made good his escape to Pittenweem, as history tells, to be cared there for by the Horsbrough family for a month.

Published Date: October 6th 2008

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