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Gongoozling Horsbrugh Family at The Battle in 1745

The Horsbrughs Join the Re-enactment Schedules

The Trust's strategy towards re-enactments each September in its build up to September 2011 when the main battle will be joined again, is to discover and recreate cameos. One fascinating tale involved boat visitors from Pittenween - they'd heard a battle was nigh so they came overnight to the Pans to watch it all. Apparently that was quite usual and occured again at Culloden.

Annemarie Allan, acclaimed local tell-tale and longstanding Editor of the Prestoungrange Historical Series, recently came across family reminiscences that she used for an article in East Lothian Life, Winter 2005.

It will take some organising what with a boat and a no-breeks departure return journey from Cockenzie with Redcoat & Son aboard. Any volunteers?

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Published Date: November 21st 2007

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