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Cows, Pigs, Orcas [Killer Whales] .. What's fitting for the Pans?

It All Started In Switzerland ...

The worldwide fun and games provided by sponsorship of painted life-size animals and fish for charity began in Switzerland many years ago. But its adoption by Chicago which raised $2 million for charity led to a rash of very succesful copycat adventures all around the world. Not least the Killer Whales [orcas] in Victoria, British Columbia this year as pictured below .. even a piper and a totem pole to complement our visitors..

Click on images to enlarge

And if it has been such a spectacular winner elsewhere, it had to get onto our agenda sooner or later at the Prestoungrange Arts Festival.

All we now need is [1] the ideal 'local persona' to paint; and [2] some local artists who can make a brilliant cast and mass produce them for the painters to set to work?

First suggestions have been horses from the Chapmen's Fair at the Mercat Cross ... but it could be our coal miners of yesteryear...

Suggestions please to The Montjoye at [44] [0]1875 819922

Published Date: September 6th 2004

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