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Exhibition of Art Workshops 2003-2004

The Arts Festival NewsNet announced some while ago The Forthcoming Art Exhibition - February 8th 2004. The invitations have now just gone our for a Private Viewing of the 'Paintings and Drawings from the Prestoungrange Arts Festival Workshops 2003/ 2004' to be held on April 15th.

Click on all images below to enlarge them

In case your invitation has got lost in the post - or maybe you were not on the list - the details of the Public Days for the Exhibition are:

April 19th to 30th 10am - 2pm Monday/ Friday

This is the 1st Art Exhibition [of quite a few already planned] to be held at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg. Be sure to visit. The work is outstanding and a fantastic start for our Exhibition series and for the Arts' Workshops Inaugural Year led by Andrew Crummy. Sincerest congratulations to them all.

Published Date: April 10th 2004

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