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Lord Mayor’s Tales: 1 - READY? STEADY!

The Lord Mayor of Gothenburg’s arrival was imminent. Was everything ready for the big event? The Dempster, Anne Taylor, was in overall command ( as befits her feudal title ) but she was the first to admit that literally dozens of contributors and the weather would determine the outcome.

What To Do?

As the pictures below show, Kate Hunter’s Mural of the Gothenburg and John Muir was indoors in pieces and the plaque for the Lord Mayor to unveil inaugurating His Bar was just arriving from Northampton with the Baron Sergeand and Lady Prestoungrange.

Not far up the High Street, Linda Duncan’s Coffee Shop wall with access from Ann Watts front yard, had only got the bottom half of the Salters and Town Mural on display and Bill Robertson’s two colleagues were taking lunch in their cab.

Outside The Gothenburg scaffolding was in place.

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But the beach was spotless and the sun was shining; and indoors the collection of 1986 Tennent’s Ladies lager cans was being assembled! June Lake was just such a lady who had conducted the last official ‘re’ opening of The Gothenburg in 1986 but she is not so far amongst the collection – not yet! But the search is on.

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In fact, the James Fewell Bar – as the fine Edwardian arts and craft area is now to be known, was being transformed before our very eyes.

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The Dempster was looking remarkably relaxed and the baronial flags were fluttering in the breeze.

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So it was clearly all in order for Dolphinstoun, the Baron Sergeand and Lady Prestoungrange to relax too at Frankie’s and Benny’s. After all, the afternoon rain had ended with a rainbow at Wintoun Hill Farm, which augured very well.

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Published Date: July 21st 2003

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