Battle of Prestonpans 1745

275th Anniversary Commemorations still on course .. with extra digital!

The 275th Battle Anniversary & Prince's 300th Birthdays only come once

so there was never any question that the Trust would cancel! It's been a matter of rescheduling, extra digital activities at Facebook and the websites and rescheduling of some of the events. And we're doing it with the support of our Donors, the National Heritage Lottery, ELC, VisitScotland's Clans, Brd na Gidhlig and the Alan Brecks Regiment of Prestonpans Volunteers. Everything we arrange and deliver will join the Trust's archive as it heads ever more deliberately towards its Living History Centre and the permanent home for both the Prestonpans and Scottish Diaspora Tapestries - all as reported in East Lothian Courier June 25th 2020.

Fullest details are @

Published Date: June 26th 2020


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