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Local Democracy at Work; or will it be trumped by The Ridiculous?

Ray Montgomery tells it the way it is .. RIDICULOUS

'Twas good to hear the Cockenzie Power Station Legacy's Manager representing owners ELC standing up for the proposals they have studiously declined to adopt ever since 150,000 was invested in them local democracy making a delayed comeback perhaps?

Churlish comments apart Ray Montgomery, along with the Consultants who created the 4 Zone Strategy he now seemingly espouses, is 100% correct to label the Inchcape Application ridiculous when claiming it's the 'best use of the land'.

We all agree it needs space to be found but not with the highest possible visibility please! Nor on the battlefield, which was the first suggestion that to their eternal shame Historic Scotland raised no objection to!

What is it about Inchcape's approach? They have us all onside about bringing the offshore energy ashore to access the National Grid and they keep making 'ridiculous' proposals. Why not have a chat with ELC and put it peaceably where it can do its important work and share in the imaginative development of the balance of the site? Please. Is it that difficult now that ELC is the landowner of it all?

[Ed: Keep keeping us up to speed Marie Sharp svp.]

Published Date: October 12th 2018

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