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Mark Haillay Joins as Prestoungrange Potter

Jane Bonnar, as Founding Director of the Arts Festival, was especially committed to pottery and the pottery heritage at Prestoungrange. She created the Virtual Exhibition and also organised our first Competition for 21st Century interpretations that saw the Fishwife as winner.

She was pleased to introduce Mark Haillay to us all before taking up teaching fulltime in January. He has now made the first reproduction for us - an ornamental tile from 1884 seen below which readily acts as a tea pot stand, and is now on sale at 12.50 plus pp. Mark is a distinguished East Lothian potter with his own collection frequently on display and sale locally.

click on image to enlarge

Mark has now also agreed to join the Arts Festival Team as Prestoungrange Potter and will be carrying forward the initiatives Jane began as well as crafting several Limited Edition reproduction pieces from the old potteries at Prestonpans.

Published Date: March 24th 2003

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