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Finding Tim Heimdal

Bryan and Joan Wills regularly travel the Alaska Highway (as you do) from Edmonton to visit Vision Express, Greg Wills' and Christopher Wills' families in Whitehorse. It was visiting there that gave us access to, and some appreciation last October of, that town's murals.... And now there are more to come.

Stony Plains close by Edmonton, and Grand Prairie on the Highway, both feature the work of Grand Prairie's distinguished artist Tim Heimdal. In his home town there are several murals we are still seeking to trace but Tim's as captured here by Joan Wills is a spectacular start telling the history of the town's lumber, railroad and sawmilling.

On their next journey through a more detailed story is being sought.

Click on image to enlarge

Click here to read the article "Equus Decending" Artists Statement, by Tim Heimdal.

Click here to read an article which was in SEE Magazine on Thursday, July 24th 1997

Published Date: January 17th 2003

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