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Robert Burns is Alive [Really] and Painting Murals ....

Once Again We Are Delighted and Amazed!

Of course it really is true that art can be created almost anywhere, and here's one more fascinating instance.

This Robert Burns, not to our knowledge of poetry or song [or even womanising] fame, has a dab hand with his decorating brush. And as Olinka Koster of the UK's Daily Mail reported, he has given the inside of his home in Brighton a make over that meets his wife's approval.

Since it's rented housing by all reports, there may be some fascinating scope for taking the murals off the walls and ceilings to carry elsewhere if US laws on works of art can be made to stick in the UK too!

Eat your heart out John Pugh. Here is a man who creates trompe l'oeil in a day's work.

There are four images below. Click on each to enlarge separately

Published Date: January 16th 2007

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