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Prestonpans 'Carnegie' Library Doubles its Size

Capital Investment Blossoms Again in The Pans

The third major capital project will reach completion in Prestonpans when it is officially opened on March 1st 2007. It comes close on the heels of the Swimming Pool at Mercat Gait and The Pennypit Centre in 2005 and 2006 respectively. That's a major boost for any town and with The Pans increasingly dubbed a 'village' by the Edinburgh press, it's nothing short of miraculous. Any who ever wonder what East Lothian Council has been investing some 5m or more and much of its energy in just lately can see the evidence large as life - and there might even be a spot of green eyed jealousy around and about the rest of the county.

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Carnegie Would Be Delighted

When Scotsman Carnegie declared that it was 'wicked to die rich' and began a personal campaign [emulated today by Bill Gates] to give all his accidental and meritricious wealth away, Prestonpans Library was one of the beneficiaries across the globe. The restored plaque on the wall has latin numerals MCMV = 1905.


Inside the fittings are in place for an extension which has doubled its size and given facilities that Carnegie might not perhaps have expected but certainly would appreciate. Although Colin Gordon, the Council architect, offered blog pictures of the new interior the fact they show no books yet on the shelves was only because they were all across Ayres Wynd in their temporary home at St Andrew's Episcopal Church. It's certain that for the March 1st Official Opening there will be plenty of stock and stacks to enjoy.

Published Date: February 16th 2007

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