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Schools' Diaspora Tapestry 'Project' in Review ... and Future Opportunities ....

Schools contributed beautiful diaspora panels they had stitched whilst the full tapestry was exhibiting around the globe!

The 'project' working with schools has been reviewed carefully by Sharon Beck, who was Leader, and lessons drawn for the future

It was and remains a clear ambition that the Diaspora Tapestry should be an intriguing way to engage the young with this fascinating aspect of Scottish history. The project involved seeking schools to volunteer to take on board the challenge to research and create a 'new' panel, which they would also stitch, telling some element of their own local diaspora history. Sounds a tough call; and it was. But as the pictures above show several schools rose to the challenge and all came to St Giles to exhibit their creations.

Sharon Beck, who lead the project for the Trust was mandated to review it all and get her mind round how we might next engage with schools and young people. The full Report is also available HERE

Published Date: December 12th 2017

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