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Bankton Doo'cot Honours Colonel Gardiner's Life & Death in 1745

Bankton Doo'cot tells Gardiner's Tale ... and it's now part of VisitScotland's designated 1745 Battlefield Walk

In 2015/ 2016 the Battle Trust received a generous grant from Viridor to develop its interpretation further at the battle site. The Trust took a 10 year lease from ELC on the Doo'cot at Bankton House and set about restoring its interior; and adding a DVD display which is activated when visitors enter - an idea we took from the successes at Athelstaneford.

See VisitScotland link HERE

It's absolutely worth a visit and is reached from the Gardiner Obelisk south of Prestonpans station by a newly cared for and signed footpath.

An old soldier who's stayed in the Doo'cot since the 250th Anniversary in 1995, is raconteur, affectionately known as Archie.

P.S. Don't forget, a guide to the entire Battlefield Walk + The Prestonpans Tapestry + the 1722 Waggonway are all available for free download APP from Apple & Android @ prestonpans 1745

Published Date: July 1st 2017

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