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Tapestry Exhibition Delights & Surprises in Toronto - Scarborough from September 19th

Toronto creates its own 'extra' panel stitched by Diane McCowan .. and welcomes Eric Liddell's eldest daughter Patricia ...

Every exhibition is unique, not just in location but also in what the local community especially brings to bear ... and Scarborough in Toronto [already well known to us in The Pans as hub for MuralRoutes Canada] is no exception. It began with their decision to exhibition on a reproduction Menai Straits Bridge ... and now along comes Eric Liddell's Canadian family descendants and their own extra, apocryphal panel - the first picture below showing Mary Margaret Gilles, who is the Scarborough Co-ordinator [right] with Tour Director Jenny Bruce.

Below, in front of one of the two the Eric Lidell panels [CN09] Jenny is seen with Patricia Liddell Russel.

Diane McCowan encouraged by Bridge Builder!

Diane couldn't resist the temptation so she was determined to add A N Other panel from Scarborough and here it is on display, World Premiere Diane!

... and Clan MacPherson was in town with Eric Smith suitably dressed!

..... and stitchers with their own Toronto panels display! Click to enlarge pictures

Published Date: September 26th 2016

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