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Lyme Regis Arts and 'Geology' Festival

'World Heritage' Jurassic Coastline Finds Time for Arts Festival

Lyme Regis lies in the midst of one of UNESCO's designated World Heritage coastlines. As such any visitor can be readily assured that there is much to marvel at. 180 millions of the world's geological history is visible in the Dorset and East Devon coastline of Jurassic cliffs and coves. And for those who prefer shingle between their toes to sand on a beach, there are 20 + miles of Chessil Beach to admire.

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But Lyme Regis is also home to a growing artist community and in early October some 30 Studios opened up to visitors and a range of arts events and attractions were also on offer. The details are shown below and the town at dusk:

Is This a Mural?

There does not seem to be any manner of mural programme in place but the artwork below shows that there is potential! The other image below appears in nearby Poole. Its a precursor to its elegantly refurbished Quayside - just the sort of Folly and Sculpture that the Heritage Trust has in mind for the Battle of Prestonpans interpretation!

Published Date: October 4th 2006

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