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Battle Trust seeking short term lease at battlesite

Short term home for Remembrance tables at 1745 battle site

The Battle Trust's plans to create two tables of remembrance for the Highlanders and the Redcoats who died in 1745 are well advanced. Funding is now in place and the Trust has written to Scottish Power asking for a 5 Year Lease on the battle site so that they may be suitably located where the burials are known to have taken place on September 21st/ 22nd 1745. Planning Consent in Principle is in place from ELC.

Carving of the stones tables will be undertaken in the Spring.

Once in place the Trust also wishes to return the surrounding area to agriculture as it was in 1745. A local farmer is stood by ready to start as soon as word is received.

The promised response from Scottish Power is awaited.

Published Date: December 28th 2015

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