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3 Harbours are having their IMPORTANT moment .. November 18th 7 pm

Foundation Team Call for New Leadership after 10 Years

It's tempting to think the 3Harbours Festival hereabouts has been going for ever. In fact it's taken place for 10 years and the same key members have led it to truly significant and well appreciated heights. Now they are seeking to pass over the leadership roles to new blood ...

They certainly deserve a rest and it's to be hoped they will mentor new faces. As such, the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting called for November 18th @ 7pm in Cockenzie Methodist Church, 28 Edinburgh Road, is going to be a seminal occasion.

There are many opportunities for carrying it forward not least with the support that has been and will surely continue to be forthcoming from East Lothian Council and our local Community Partnership Scheme, and myriad volunteers.

But surely it's time to think bigger still. CreativeScotland have a Creative Place Award scheme that can bring very considerable funding to communities. We've been Short Listed before and that and many other possibilities beckon!

Published Date: November 9th 2015

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