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Doing it the Navy Way in Tasmania ...

You can't work harder that this ... or can you?

Dr Neil McGlashan [ex RN] didn't personally stitch a panel for the Diaspora Tapestry but with a name like his it's clear there's a Celtic connection. He was the first to step forward in Australia, honouring the Tasmanian tradition of being the First State, with the most excellent white wines [better than the Kiwis truth to tell - try Ninth 9 Island], to volunteer to host a DownUnder Exhibition.

It opens on January 9th 2016 and runs till Burns' Eve in the State Museum in Hobart - a truly beautiful location.

What's he doing, being an Engineer and all? Well, whilst the exhibitions in Western Europe, the Baltic and the British Isles all have use of our exhibition boards and poles, shipping those around the globe is too costly. So what's travelling when Paris closes at end October this year, first to Goolwa, then Adelaide and then Hobart, are just the panels and their captions. So Neil's building his own exhibition boards for the Museum ...

But DownUnder does get one step ahead of the earlier exhibitions! A new free download APP of the tapestry in four languages will be ready for them - English-Australian of course, Gaelic, French and Italian.

Published Date: September 8th 2015

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