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Queen Laura Reigns: Gala Week June 10th/ 18th

Annual Gala Packed with Children's Events .... and More

Once again the Gala Committee has created a week of activities that will make the reign of Queen Laura [Chappelle] truly memorable for her and all of us in The Pans. With her Regal Escort Jordan McDonald, Lady in Waiting Caris Yorkson, Escort, Maids, Flower Girls, Page Boys, Sceptre Bearer, Crown Bearer and Flag Bearer the Parade to her Coronation at 11.30 am on June 17th is one for the Family photo albums and more.

In her introduction Chair Lillian Cunningham nominates Provost Pat O'Brien as Honourable Gentleman of the 2006 Gala in what is his last year in office as Provost of East Lothian. To him falls the honour of crowning Queen Laura.

The full programme appears below. The week begins with The Gala Ball at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg which is also staging its annual Karaoke Competition with Heats on Monday and Wednesday and the Final on Friday to win the title and the prize of 350.

click on images to enlarge

Published Date: May 31st 2006

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